Thursday, August 6, 2009

Your Garden as Color Consultant

The natural world usually does it right with color combinations. Seldom is seen a garish note, excepting for certain uber-exuberant blossoms engineered by humans. When choosing paint colors for our home, we tend to stick to white for the walls and comfy, nonchallenging Colonial hues for trim. But I recall liking the chartreuse doors on the stone railway stations along Scotland's west coast, and we decided to give that tooth-etching hue a try for our fieldstone house. We were guided by the foliage of a lime-mound spirea, its peculiar green tamed by a hint of warmth. After several trips back to our obliging paint store for just a tad more red pigment, we had it-- a color that attracts attention and occasional compliments. Since then, I've tried recording other happy color duos from the landscape; a few samples are shown here.

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